Saturday, February 4, 2017

Wisconsin's Black-White Disparity Remains Extreme


  1. Thank you for so many resources. I hope that we will all take one article each day and really increase our understanding of racial disparity in Wisconsin. We need the information given in these articles so that we can be effective in actions that can make a differnce.

  2. I just read the beginning report Racial disparities remain extreme. I think that it is important to also update ourselves on what has been happening in Dane County since the Race to Equity report of 2013 which showed similar disparities for Dane County. One way to get in touch with what is happening in Dane County is to study the Race to Equity Impact report.

    There are many initiatives listed there that update to 2016. The initiatives may give each of us a place to put our energy to reduce the disparities. What experiences do you have working with the initiatives listed?

  3. This (the Race to Equity Impact Report) is a good thing for us to read. I'm afraid too few people are getting into this blog so far. I think it might be good to use the Impact Report as a study for our group next fall.