Tuesday, April 25, 2017

White Suburban Lawmakers Push to Put More Urban Youth in Jail, Keep Them in longer

And State Rep. David Bowen responds--
There are dynamics of race at play here where these are majority-white suburbs that are basically saying ‘Milwaukee needs to keep crime in in its own boundaries’ and the only way to fix this issue is to use methods that don’t actually solve the issue.”
“It’s important for residents in those areas and those districts that we be honest about solutions to crime in Milwaukee. I work in Shorewood, a suburb and separate city of Milwaukee, and there’s no way I would go to those residents and say, “Things will get better by being more punitive.’ I tell them that things will get by doing things that are evidence-based. That’s where we can gain the respect of and the attention of the residents that are at the grassroots level who actually want these things to get better.”
Thanks to Tracy (Messiah Lutheran)  for being awake to this article which you can read at

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