Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Whiteness and Niceness

Thanks to Lucy for sending the article about whiteness and niceness.  It would be interesting to get our responses to the article on this site.  In case you missed it the article can be found at


When have I witnessed "Wisconsin Nice" getting in the way of social justice?t

The article states:
Most white people have a worldview that the playing field is level, (regarding white people and people of color) except for maybe in a few isolated circumstances.

Do I agree?

The article notes that when people say, "Black Lives Matter", many respond, "They should really say,
"All Lives Matter."

Have I seen or heard this?  How would I respond?

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  1. This article really was a great Sunday morning read this week. The more I learn, the more I realize the playing field is not level at all. In response to "all lives matter" I may ask someone what doe "black lives matter" make them think about or how does in make them feel and then push for them to sit with that discomfort and educate about the ways I see the playing field not being leveled and why the focus on black lives is needed.